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All You Need to Know About Steroids Side Effects

Steroids are becoming extremely popular day by day for its amazing efficacy and benefits. Professional athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders are resorting to different steroids in order to enhance their performance, strength and stamina to the fullest.

But apart from all the good things and benefits of using steroids, there are some certain side effects or negative impacts of this product that are seen on its users. Before you decide to use any kind of steroids, you are really supposed to know about these steroids side effects for your own convenience and knowledge.

Side effects of using steroids

Steroids can be used in different ways and means. Most common methods of using steroid are tablet and injection. In some cases, people are to use it with some drink shake. In whatever way you take steroids, you are to face some side effects. Different individuals are to experience different side effects. Not all the users and people are to suffer from same side effects.

Once you start taking steroids, then you are less likely to experience any side effects immediately. It may take around 3 weeks or more to show any significant or noticeable side effects. In some cases, some individuals or users may even take longer to show any serious side effects.

  • Increased appetite

Using steroid can induce increased appetite. Apparently, having an increased appetite may look as beneficial but it is may lead to extra weight gain in the process.

  • Mood change

There are so many individuals or users that find changes in their mood after taking steroids for some time. In most of the cases, they are to feel anxious or irritable for no apparent reasons. This sudden change in behaviour and mood can be problematic for an individual.

  • Sleep difficulty

In few instances, the users or individuals are to find it difficult to get asleep after using steroids for some time. With this issue, there will be other related issues and problems.

  • Diabetes or high blood sugar

The regular consumption of steroids may cause issues like diabetes or high blood sugar in an individual. Therefore, if you are already suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar, then you should stay away from steroid.

  • Cushing’s syndrome

This is considered to be one of the major side effects that you are to experience after using steroids for some time. This syndrome is to cause other problems like thin skin that is likely to bruise very easily. Moreover, there is to be fat build up on shoulders and neck along with puffy and red face.

Other side effects

Apart from the above described side effects, there are to be several other side effects such as cataracts, glaucoma, weakening of bones etc. In few cases, use of steroids can even induce depression as well as suicidal thoughts. It is known to be beneficial to do prior research about different other aspects about the steroid before proceeding to use.

All you wanted to explore about steroid side effects

Steroids are really considered to be quite advantageous. This is why so many professional people resort to reap its benefits as per their preference and convenience. But there are plenty of side effects of using steroids too. Some of these side effects are sleep apnea, diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, mood changes, increased appetite as well as other severe issues etc.


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