PCT Cycle - An Effective Way to Restore Hormones

PCT cycle

PCT is Post Cycle Therapy, which is used to treat post-cycle hypogonadism. This cycle is not just one, but a group of therapeutic cycle components that restore endogenous testosterone production. The cycle maintains the process of preserving the muscles in the strength gain procedure and minimises side effects. Any recommended PCT cycle is known to help up the process of Testosterone production to maintain health wellness factors. At times, it sounds legitimate to start a PCT cycle while maintaining a steroid cycle.

Body's natural hormone production commonly gets affected by continuous use of anabolic steroids. PCT or therapies for post cycle periods and testosterone replacement programs serve the purpose of helping the body develop its natural abilities. This cycle may also observe the inclusion of prescription medicines from time to time.1

Steroids do not only affect the body but also mental health factors. A number of findings have proven that mental health during the off-cycles takes drastic turns. Many PCT test-participants volunteered to get better treatment for their failing mental health factors. PCT can therefore be coined as a harm-reduction measure for the anabolic users, which comprehensively addresses the strong and adverse side effects of steroids.

What Does Post Cycle Therapy Mean?

Unnatural growth is a common factor among steroid users. Anabolic steroids are known to boost the body beyond natural limits. Advanced sports see PEDs or Performance Enhancing Drugs as a gateway to engage more muscle mass with enhanced physical energy. These drugs are known for shutting down the natural hormonal activities, which commonly causes serious and sometimes non-reversible side effects. As an after-effect of the drugs, the human body may require external support to revive its testosterone production, as well as treatments for low-libido, sleep-deprivation, erectile dysfunction and other issues. Post cycle therapy is required to help the human body return to its normal rhythm. A sudden halt of steroid consumption may result in "hormone crash", which will eventually initiate withdrawal symptoms alongside exposure to several diseases. Post cycle therapy therefore, tries to support the intricate post-steroid revival of human body through a balanced process.2

Post cycle therapy is basically a protocol that helps the body recover from the effects of PEDs. Prolonged consumption of steroids may push the human body off  balance. To mitigate the exposure of the side effects, it is important to use pharmaceutical-based protocol with comprehensive dieting prescriptions offered by the experts. The prime concern is to restore Testosterone production in the body, which commonly requires a number of dieting regulations alongside prescription drugs.

Using PCT drugs may be concerning for some of the individuals at times. Hence, rigorous medical norms should be followed to avoid any adverse condition that may affect basic wellness. Even with PCT, some of the users may experience serious mood swing issues, which need to be checked on time as per medical norms.

When Should I Start Post Cycle Therapy?

It is suggested to use PCT right after the ending of the cycle. Users may also consider PCT in the last leg of the cycle. SARMs are usually considered right after the last dose. Post cycle therapy drugs can be applied even after a few days, mostly a week after the steroid cycle. It generally runs for a month to 6 weeks. It may also run longer than 6 weeks if required.

How Long Does PCT Last? 3

A detailed, comprehensive report has supported the fact that PCT programs last for one month to six weeks, and sometimes longer than that period. By denying PCT hardcore steroid users may risk their wellbeing and sexual potency.As mentioned, PCT protocols have several uses with multiple variations of components. Nolvadex and Clomiphene are the prime PCT components used in the therapeutic procedures. Selective Estrogen Receptor Modules may be included in the diet along with some of the mild-anabolic components to prevent severe outbursts of the after-effects of sudden halt in the anabolic programs.

PCT is not against an enhancement program, but it is important to ensure that enhancement of muscles does not affect the body from within. It includes testosterone boosters, which helps the body to recover usual gaining on testosterone. 4 to 8 weeks SARM-cycle with prohormones may restore proper testosterone proficiency.To comply with the medical benefit, it would be ideal to consult experts prior for professional medical advice to consuming Nolvadex PCT, Clomid PCT and related legal components, which ensure a proper balance of hormones in the body.


What Drugs Are Used for PCT?

It is better to note that PCT is not against the AAS, but it opts to correct the after-effects of those steroids. Hypogonadism is a common outcome due to steroid abuse. Therefore, PCT programs commonly observe the addition of HCG, alongside aromatase inhibitors with Clomid and Nolvadex. All these components are known to help the body with normal testosterone production through treating low testosterone and hormonal imbalance.

  • Nolvadex

Nolvadex is the brand-name for Tamoxifen, an anti-aromatizing drug used as PCT. It is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator which may prevent a certain case of breast cancer among women. It can also be used to treat breast cancer among men and women. It would be ideal to consume Tamoxifen by mouth as an oral dosage while being treated for breast cancer.

As a helpful support towards PCT, it can also effectively prevent as well as treat "male-boobs" or gynecomastia. The same is also effective for treating ovulation issues among women. While combined with Androgen-receptors, it helps to keep hormonal balance with satisfactory gaining proficiency.

  • Clomid

Clomid or Clomiphene is also required in the process of PCT. It is a drug that similarly acts as Nolvadex by treating infertility among women by helping them ovulate. This PCT component helps oestrogen receptors in pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Its mechanism helps in the releasing of LH and FSH hormones to boost fertility.

  • HCG or Human Chronic Gonadotropin

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin plays a crucial role in bodybuilding with PCT support. It helps to restore and maintain testosterone production among male anabolic-steroid users. It basically mimics luteinizing hormone that directs testosterone release in the human body. The dosage of HCG as SARM for PCT would be effective as 500IU per day to 2000IU every other day.5

Considerations over HCG during PCT

Some experts consider that HCG is a better supportive component towards PCT programs. In fact, some of them claim that HCG instead of steroids during PCT may help physical upgrade without any prominent or excess side effect concerns.

PCT systems observe the inclusion of pharmaceutical grade peptides. The arguable claim is that rather than using steroids with helpful nutrients, using peptides will be more helpful towards the secretion of Dopamine. The argument is never widely accepted, but also not denied right away.

Should I Be Training during PCT?

The question is viable when the concerns of overtraining seem to loom at large. It would be ideal for all to consider a break from training during this period, as the body needs healing. However, training is not completely forbidden during PCT, but the schedule or routine should accept some changes to accelerate post-cycle recuperation process.It is suggested that people on steroids should try 20 to 30 times more than average training schedules while on steroids. That schedule should be brought to normal when PCT cycles start. As an example, the first week of PCT may come with resting norms for the body. The second week may observe 45 mins of work-out programs for three-times a week if the person feels good enough to go on with any sort of work-out plan. However, it would be beneficial to start working out once the individuals feel perfect with their bodily responses towards the medications.

What Other Considerations Should I Take during PCT?

There are a few brands to help up PCT programs for SARMs. The ones most prominent are as follows –

  • Testolone (for boosting testosterone hormone levels)
  • Ligandrol (for building lean muscles)
  • Cardarine (for burning excess fat)
  • Ostarine (for preserving muscle mass)

The components used as the part of Post Cycle Therapy protocols should be maintained as per suggestions provided by the experts. The guided therapeutic protocol would be –

  1. Anabolic steroids - to be applied on the 1st week after the last dose
  2. SARMs – to be applied 1 day after the last dose
  3. Prohormones – to be applied 1 day after the last dose

In the process of balancing the body with prohormone intake, use of natural methods of physical healing cannot be overruled. The body may require excess nutritional support to match promising outcomes with PCT. Without this support, the body may observe a prominent lack of muscle mass due to rapid rise of cortisol and lack of anabolic effects. At this period, cortisol controlling substances should be consumed with prohormones as supplementary nutrients.

During this period, a testosterone booster should be added to the cycle surely, as it may help the body get testosterone balance faster than ever. But more importantly, people need to train and get rest at the same time. The body should not feel warned-off, and at the same time it should appear healthy in a natural way.6


The factors that should be looked after while pursuing a PCT program are –

  • General well being
  • Testosterone and basic hormone balance in the body
  • Recuperating properly after a strong steroid cycle
  • Ensuring the body gets enough rest and support required to recuperate

It is not something where pushing the body beyond limits sounds ideal. With or without steroid abuse, PCT is a general support that may help the body. It also helps anabolic steroids to act as per their expected limitations. Dependence on  steroids may certainly cause serious concerns with physical and mental stress induced by prolonged intakes, but PCT at the right time can hold the key to all expectations.

The benefits of PCT are visible with boosted energy levels, stronger lean muscle with a lean and trimmed body, but some underlying concerns loom at large as usual. As an example, various PCT components are prone to push the body beyond a healthy parameter. Prolonged use of PCT substances may affect the digestive system as well as the liver. Hepatic reactions may be severe to halt a budding career. Therefore, even with PCT programs in mind, it will be smarter to have medical tests and trust the prescriptions of the experts and medical professionals. Laboratory screening of health may detect various underlying issues that can be treated with a supportive and comprehensive medical program.


Here, it would be ideal to find answers for some common questions regarding PCT programs.

What are the main benefits of PCT?

Exogenous steroids, which are consumed to boost the body, suppress endogenous testosterone. PCT or post cycle therapy helps the body to suffer from lesser side effects of the potent steroids.

When should I start PCT?

A PCT program can be initiated right after or a week later from the last dose of the cycle of a bodybuilding steroid.

What happens if I don't do PCT?

The body will suffer from muscle atrophy due to hormonal imbalance. It will be followed by low-sperm count and lack of libido due to lower endogenous testosterone in the body. This may affect mental health as well. Eventually, the goal for the hard work and steroid consumption will be lost with muscle wastage, as the body will fail to keep up with natural muscle mass. In short, without PCT, the body will be complete wreckage.

How long is a PCT Cycle?

On an average, a PCT cycle runs for 4 to 6 weeks. It may also be extended for 8 weeks if required. At times, with the suggestions of the physicians, some individuals may require longer PCT programs under proper surveillance.

SARMs vs SERMs – What's the Difference?

There is a big difference between SARM and SERM. SARM is an Androgen Receptor Module, while SERM is Estrogen Receptor Module. SERMs help curb the estrogenic reactions, while SARMs are commonly used during PCT to work with androgens present in the AAS components.7

What does "Anti-E" mean?

"Anti-E" means Anti-Estrogen in the PCT components. There are many steroids used during and after anabolic cycles that tend to convert into Estradiol. Hence, overuse or prolonged use of anabolic components may trouble male users with gynecomastia or "male boobs", male-pattern hair loss, acne, and several other anabolic steroid side effects. During a PCT program, the anabolic users may still have to use some mild anabolic steroids to maintain their muscular and hormone balance. There "Anti-E" PCT support may ensure the users of a safer, non-aromatizing component that may help them regain their physical potentity with a guarantee of general wellness.


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