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Oral Tren Description

Bodybuilders frequently utilize oral tren, an anabolic steroid that contains the active ingredient methyltrienolone or metribolone, in their steroid cycles. Methyltrienolone is a Nandrolone derivative. The only two differences are the addition of a methyl group at position 17alpha, which preserves the medication when taken orally, and the addition of a double bond between carbons 9 and 10, which lessens binding and slows down the substance's metabolism. As a result, an extremely potent steroid is produced that has a lengthy half-life and little capacity for binding to blood proteins. The main difference between Methyltrienolone (also known as Methyltrenbolone) and Trenbolone is the inclusion of a methyl group at the c17-alpha location.

Oral Tren Benefits

Methyltrienolone boosts strength like all other steroids do
There is a significant weight gain
Over the cycle, you could gain more than 10 kg
A reduction in subcutaneous fat
A rise in IGF indicator values
Increases the rate of recuperation after exercise
Decreases cortisol production

Oral Tren Administration

According to studies, using oral androgenic anabolic steroids with food reduces the drug's bioavailability. This is because androgenic anabolic steroids are fat-soluble, which may allow some of the drug to dissolve in dietary fat and limit androgenic anabolic steroid absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. This medication needs to be taken on an empty stomach for the best results.

Individuals who are truly interested in using this medicine need to be aware of its toxicity. To make sure that the medication is not harming the liver, routine blood tests are required. Over a period of four weeks, the medicine is not taken. It takes only 0.5mg (2 tablets) of the medicine to produce a noticeable anabolic effect.Dosages can range from 0.5mg to 2mg (2-8 tablets) per day.

Cycle with other steroids

A cycle of Oral Tren and Testosterone Enanthate, along with the addition of Dianabol, can be used for the best results if you have stopped making progress while using an oral Tren cycle and are unable to even maintain it. Oral Tren combined with Anavar or Winstrol will have the necessary effect if your goal is to increase your quality muscle mass. Always keep in mind that the dosage is lower than on a solo cycle when taking medications with other substances.

Oral Tren is delivered within 5 to 12 business days to the USA. You can always reach out to our customer support staff for assistance if you have any questions or issues.

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Oral Tren - Methyltrienolone - Dragon Pharma, Europe
Dragon Pharma, Europe

Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Methyltrienolone
Pack: 100 tabs (250mcg/tab)
Classification: Oral Steroids
Drug Class: Androgenic Anabolic Steroid
Active Half Life: 6 hours
Dosage: 0.5-5 MG/DAY

65.00 USD  
Ortrexyl (Oral Tren) - Methyltrienolone - Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India

Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
Substance: Methyltrienolone
Pack: 100 tablets (250mcg/tab)
Classification: Oral Steroids
Drug Class: Androgenic Anabolic Steroid
Active Half Life: 6 hours
Dosage: 0.5-5 MG/DAY

45.00 USD  
Out of stock
GP Oral Tren - Methyltrienolone - Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Geneza Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Methyltrienolone
Pack: 100 tabs (250 mcg/tab)
Classification: Oral Steroids
Drug Class: Androgenic Anabolic Steroid
Active Half Life: 6 hours
Dosage: 0.5-5 MG/DAY

55.00 USD  
Out of stock
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