Test and Tren cycle dosage - Tren Steroid Cycle Guide

Test and tren cycle dosage

Trenbolone or Tren is an AAS or anabolic-androgenic steroid. This steroid belongs to nandrolone group of steroids. One may find Trenbolone-ester prodrugs in the market under various brand-names. The tren steroid can offer the most fantasising results to the users. It is potent enough to bless the body with thicker muscles and a rejuvenated charm. Tren is capable enough to promote body-aesthetics faster than other steroids. However, rather than Tren-only steroid cycle, combining Test and Tren cycle may be much more effective for physique freaks.Trenbolone is a prominent anabolic to assure great packs of mass gaining with superhuman strength. This performance enhancing component was formerly consumed as Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, which has now been discontinued in many parts of the global market.

What is Trenbolone? 1

Trenbolone is a 3-oxo-Delta(4) steroid. It carries estra-4,9,11-triene for an oxo group at atom-position 3, while carrying a hydroxyl group at 17-Beta position. This synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid component was used for muscle growth among livestock, and eventually humans with certain alterations. It is also considered as a prominent C-18 AAS.

Trenbolone holds a molecular formula as C18H22O2. The steroid has its molecular weight measured as 270.4. This steroid is also known as Trienolone, as well as Trienbolone. The ester formation of its prodrug with conjunctions,  such as Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate, as well as Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate increases its half-life2.

This is an intramuscular steroid, having its metabolism in human-liver.

Why is this drug so good?

This steroid is known for increasing muscle and appetite . The fitness freaks commonly look out for new components to receive significant bulks, and Trenbolone is the one they may rely on. Apart from that, the component is known for its ability to increase red blood cell count, which improves oxygenation in the body. It is a fast acting steroid that allows the body to gain 5.5kg muscle mass within the span of 8-weeks.3

Trenbolone Acetate vs. Trenbolone Enanthate vs. Parabolan (Tren-Hex)

Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate are the two prominent anabolic steroids and popular forms of Trenbolone. Among these two, Trenbolone Enanthate can be counted as a milder ester steroid, while Acetate ester is a perfect cutter. On the other hand, Parabolan or Tren Hex has a longer half-life than Tren-Acetate (14 days) 4.

Tren-E or Trenbolone Enanthate has relatively fewer esters, which takes time to reach to its peak. Rather than that ester, the Acetate ester leaves the body quicker after offering a significant peak relatively faster. This makes Tren Acetate a preferred steroid than Tren Enanthate. Moreover, Tren A is easier to absorb by the human body rather than Tren E.

Trenbolone Acetate

The Acetate ester of Trenbolone was primarily a veterinary component until it had been altered for human utilisation. This is an intramuscular steroid injection, which has all the qualities of a synthetic anabolic androgenic component. It is an agonist of the AR or androgen receptor, with biological targets of testosterone and DHT androgens.

Trenbolone Acetate is not approved as a medication for humans, but it certainly is a prominent anabolic steroid used by hardcore bodybuilders and similar athletes. Professional or competitive athletes prefer not to use the substance due to FDA disapproval. This is considered generally as a physique-enhancement drug, which significantly contributes to performance enhancement.

Trenbolone Acetate consumption does not result in water retention in the body at the time of gaining muscle-mass. This component is a preferable cutting stack, which helps bodybuilders to appear leaner. It also does not convert into estrogenic metabolite, which saves the users from any estrogenic side effects.

Over the concerns of health and chemical safety, Tren A is considered hazardous. It holds the molecular formula of C20H24O3. It holds a molecular weight of 312.4. The intramuscular androgen ester has a significant 3-days long half-life.5

This steroid is commonly metabolised in the kidneys. The previous results show that the residues are available in the uncooked fat tissues of cattle, tantamount to the residues in the uncooked muscle tissues of cattle. However, this component may harm the unborn child with reproductive toxicity. At the same time it remains potent against a safer reproductive process. The component may also affect the entire reproduction process with repeated exposure. The extracts of biotransformation of Trenbolone Acetate will be available in urine and faeces.

Tren A never gets an official nod to be applied on humans. However, based on the chemical status of the component, it is expected that this AAS may support the body against androgen deficiency, muscle-wasting symptoms and muscular atrophy, as well as anemia.

Tren A is has the capacity to produce IGF-1 or insulin-like-growth factor-1 that plays a vivid role in muscle recovery and rejuvenation process.6 This steroid carries a significant anabolic and androgenic potency of 500:500, more like nandrolone acetate where the potency count is 100:100. Alongside the lacking of estrogenic activity, Tren A also has weaker glucocorticoid activity.7


The Trenbolone Acetate cycle usually runs for 12 weeks. In the beginning, it should be started with 50mg Dianabol or Anabol ED with Tren Acetate for 1 to 3 weeks. Alongside those two steroid-combinations, 750 mg Test Enanthate doses would be continued for 12 weeks.

The first stint of Trenbolone Acetate will run for 4 weeks, where Trenbolone Acetate dosages will be maintained as 75 mgs until the 4th week. From the 5th to 12th week, the Tren A dosages will increase to 100 mgs.10

Trenbolone Enanthate

Tren Enanthate or Tren E is a synthetic anabolic androgenic injectable steroid. It is a derivative of nandrolone or 19-nortestosterone. Trenbolone Enanthate is a C17-Beta Enanthate ester of Trenbolone, which has a longer-active ester than Trenbolone Acetate. This steroid is a significant component for bulking, as well as cutting. To get  proper support for either bulking or cutting, Trenbolone Enanthate can be combined with other anabolic steroids.

To consider its medical benefits, it can be judged that the AAS may be effective against primary and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, as well as for the treatment of delayed puberty among men. It may also be used to treat one kind of breast cancer in women. However, this component is yet to get an FDA nod for medical utilisation.

When someone plans for have Tren E for bodybuilding preparation, the measure of 300 mg per week should be maintained. It takes a longer period to give the body a significant boost due to its prolonged ester formation.

Enanthate ester of Trenbolone has the similar quality to enhance muscular endurance, and blood oxygenation through generation of red blood cells. It also promotes fat gain at a certain percentage.

The component was available under various brand names in 1950. It is supposed to be used in TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Men with hypogonadism need this component to fix their health issues. It is also considered for anti-aging therapy to defy the conditions of andropause.

However, this component can reduce fertility among men. It may also affect the body with heart attack and congestive heart failure. It may also affect the body with gynecomastia, prolonged painful erection, as well as depression and psychosis. At the same time, this component may be much effective for the treatment of transgendered people.8


Tren E or Trenbolone Enanthate cycle is commonly considered as Tren-only cycle. However, Tren E can be paired with testosterone enanthate. Hence, the cycle for Tren E can is usually set with 100mg testosterone enanthate and 300mg Trenbolone Enanthate each week for 12 weeks.

Tren E can be combined with Dianabol as well, where Dianabol should be taken as 50 mg daily with a static Tren E dosage.

The weeks from 1 to 12 may also observe a combination of Test Enanthate, Tren E, and Drostanolone Enanthate. The combination would be as such as – Testosterone Enanthate of 100 mg, Trenbolone Enanthate of 800 mg, and Drostanolone Enanthate of 400 mg. The weekly dosage can be taken by the same syringe. In the combination, Tren E dosages will be higher, while Testosterone should be included as a replacement therapy. Drostanolone will act as a supplement for Trenbolone.

Tren E can be combined with Tren A as well. To achieve maximum results, it will be ideal to consider stacking Tren E with Tren A. However, this mix may come with both short and long term side effects. In any case, the combination can assure an enhanced muscle function and increased nitrogen retention in the body.12

Tren Hex or Parabolan

Parabolan or Tren Hex is one of the prominent Trenbolone steroids, which has been modified to create the most powerful steroid of the nandrolone group. Parabolan or Tren Hex is almost similar to Tren A or the acetate ester of Trenbolone. This steroid is also known as Hexabolan. Parabolan is a longer lasting steroid than Trenbolone Acetate. This steroid is considered for its versatile usage. This component has a longer half-life extending as much as 14 days. The extended half-life can ensure a prominent muscle engagement and enhanced physical endurance through measured cycles.


The solo cycles of Tren Hex or Parabolan runs for 12 weeks. It should be combined with Test Cypionate for better results. The cycles may observe 150-250 mgs/week of Tren Hex with 500mg per week Test Cypionate doses.9

Trenbolone Cycles

Trenbolone would be a great choice for both cutting and bulking. It is known to add more lean mass during the off-season. It is a diuretic steroid. The cycle for Trenbolone usually runs for 4 weeks, which will result in the addition of 10 to 15 pounds lean mass to the body. The 8 week cycle can engage about 25 to 30 pounds of lean mass.

Tren cycles can be maximised by Clenbuterol, Anavar, Dianabol, Deca, and Testosterone (enanthate and cypionate) combinations. Even with all these combinations, Tren always offers a dry gain to the body.11

Tren Cycle For Bulking

The saying goes on within the bodybuilding community regarding Trenbolone and Clenbuterol. It is suggested that the modern day bodybuilders keep using Clenbuterol to get a ripped outlook, while Trenbolone, one of the most powerful steroids available in the modern days, should back up gaining measures. This latter is not like typical bulking steroids, which tend to be 'wet' with water retention. For a significant bulking cycle, it will be perfect to try Trenbolone with Anadrol and Dianabol.

On the other hand, the Enanthate and Acetate ester-formations can also be used to comply with the bulking processes. If Trenbolone (or any of its esters) is used for bulking, it will be justified to have the supplements  such as fish oil (4 g/day), Letrozole (1.2 mg/every other day), along with the PCT programs.

The PCT programs will include HCG (2000 IU/every other day for 20 days), Nolvadex (2 X 20 mg for 45 days), and Clomid (2 X 50 mg for 30 days).13

A 12 week Tren-dependent bulking cycle would observe 200 to 400 mg Trenbolone every week for the entire 12 week period, and that should be supported with other compounds as per their abilities.

Tren Cycle For Cutting14

Trenbolone is a cutting steroid. Therefore, every aspect of it will lead to dry-mass gaining. Cutting Tren should be used as 75 to 100 mgs twice to thrice per week for 4 weeks. The next 8 weeks will observe an increased dose of 100 to 150 mgs per week. The compounds like Dianabol and Testosterone can help the cutting similarly as bulking. However, one should not forget Clenbuterol in this cycle.

12-week Tren/Clenbuterol/Test Cycle

The cycle goes this way as the following –

  1. First week to 12th weeks – Test Propionate of 50 mg/day with 50 to 75 mg/day of Trenbolone Acetate, 0.5 mg/eod of Arimidex, along with a Dopamine agonist considering the necessity.
  2. From the first to second week there should be 80 to 120 mg per day of Clenbuterol.
  3. For having maximum physical hardness, one may consider Halotestin dosages as 40mg/day.
  4. Clomid as PCT should be used right at the end of the cycle or a couple of days after the last shot would be administered. The first 10 days for Clomid administration would observe 100 mg/day of the Clomid dosage, and the following 10 days will observe a dosage regulation of 50 mg/day. The same can be tried with Nolvadex as well, where the dosages will be segregated as 40 mg and 20 mg.

Beginners' Tren cycle

Beginners need to consume about 50 mgs of Tren three times a week in the beginning. The cycle goes on in the first week as 50 mgs thrice for the first week, 50 mgs four times from the second week, and then until the end of the cycle it will be 50 mgs four times in a week. Many beginners may also try it as 50 mg of Tren dosage on every other day.15

Intermediate cycles

For a 10-week cycle, Tren and Test can be combined for a steady dosage cycle. It would be perfect to use 150 mgs Tren with 600 mgs Testosterone during this stretch. An intermediate cycle can run with 300 to 500 mg per week for 12 weeks. An intermediate cycle can observe the addition of Test propionate in this 12 weeks cycle. 16

Advanced cycle

On the other hand, advanced cycles may be continued with 750 mg per week or 1000 mgs per week for 12 weeks. These cycles may include Anavar dosages of 100mg weekly with advanced Tren dosages.17

Trenbolone vs. Alternatives

It is hard to give examples of Tren-adversities. Not every person has the same build-up of the body. Hence, the measured utility should be considered to avoid any prominent risk exposure. It is true that Trenbolone influences the body with lean muscle mass enhancement, fat curbing by positive nitrogen balance, and boosts metabolism, it may still affect the body with its strong reactions. The unpredictable nature of the component may affect without an alarm, but some bodybuilders consider that it is worth the risk.

In that regard, many bodybuilders consider available Trenbolone alternatives. It is considered that Trenorol can support the body similarly as Trenbolone, but there will be no prominent side effect to affect the average bodily functions. It is also 100% legal to use the substance.

The use of Trenbolone or any of its esters may affect the body and inflict some sorts of serious damages that would be hard to alter even with PCT. The PCT programs are considered to counter the ill-effects of the anabolic components, while most bodybuilders use the anabolic steroids to build up muscles. Therefore, the counter-effect of the two, or any late administration of PCT may trouble the body after using a very potent compound like Trenbolone.

On the other hand, Trenorol offers the best bulk-gaining edge without affecting the health. Beta-sitosterol is used as a precursor for Trenbolone18. Extract of nettle leaf, inner bark of Samento, and pepsin are the other components that keep the steroid more natural than the steroid, and eventually curb the adverse effects.

Trenbolone Post Cycle Therapy

Tren is a hard steroid. A small dose of Tren can push the body through a long way. That is why the recommended cycle dosage for Tren is 8 to 12 weeks. The final weeks of the cycle should observe the inclusion of PCT components.

Clomid or Nolvadex can be used to combine with Trenbolone from the 6th week onwards of the cycle. The cycle in the 6th and 7th week should have an inclusion of 100 mg/day Clomid dosages, which should be dropped at 50mg/day on the 8th week. The 6th and 7th week cycle would observe the combined dosesof Winstrol (50 mg on every other day) with Clomid. This inclusion would equally help muscle build up and PCT programs.19

There are many people who prefer to consider PCT without HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Clomid, Nolvadex, and hCG can be taken together. The cycle would be like the following setup –

  • 1st week: Clomid 100 mg/day, Nolvadex 20mg/day
  • 2nd to 3rd weeks: Clomid 50 mg/day and Nolvadex 20 mg/day
  • 4th week: Nolvadex 20 mg/day

PCT programs may observe the addition of SERMs as well.20

Trenbolone Results

Trenbolone is commonly nicknamed as monster steroid among  bodybuilders. This is harsh when used for a long or extended period. It is a potent bulking and cutting steroid, and can show the results within a few weeks of consumption. It is known widely for fat burning, even though that is not the only aspect why people consider it during the course of bodybuilding. With Testosterone supplements (Test Cypionate, Anavar), Trenbolone can effectively alter the approach or outlook of the body.

How to feel the change

The user will experience a subtle muscle buildup within a few days of the beginning of the cycle. The buildup will give the body an appearance which is less fluffy, yet strong and heavy with a ripped off appearance. This will continue for the next few weeks and even after the cycle.

Trenbolone is known for a prominent muscle mass enhancement with nitrogen retention. Therefore, enhanced fat-loss will bring Deltoid and Trapezius muscles in prominence. It is better to note that these two sorts of muscles have the most androgen receptors, but Trenbolone is an antagonist to aromatization.

An experienced user will enjoy the gain of 10 to 15 lbs of muscles with a measured cycle of Trenbolone components.21

Fast bulking from boosted protein synthesis

Trenbolone use for bodybuilding programs will enhance the chance of having massive bulk-engagement faster than any other supplement. Fast bulking programs by boosted protein synthesis can vividly benefit the body with energy enhancement, more protein and nitrogen retention, and significantly lesser water retention in the body.

Tren is known to increase the ability of the lean muscles while increasing metabolism. At the same time, the users need to consume more calories to ensure more mass engagement.

Increased nitrogen retention

Nitrogen retention in the body gives it a completely ripped off outlook. The weight of muscles would be prominently visible with the outlook with the course of Tren consumption over the years. Tren helps the body with a training program that keeps the body upright even with a full-body workout schedule.

Enhanced IGF-1 levels

IGF or Insulin-like Growth Factor is a prominent growth factor that boosts the body from within. Trenbolone doses can stimulate the body with enhanced IGF-1 that effectively boosts muscles. The AR activity of Trenbolone also contributes to IGF-1R levels that enhance skeletal muscle protein extensions.22

Improved food uptake

Trenbolone is known to enhance metabolism, which naturally increases appetite. Hemodialysis-associated protein catabolism is observed among several individuals. The intra-dialytic nutrition system by protein homeostasis can enhance the amount of the intramuscular amino acid. It would eventually prevent malnutrition in the body to boost the metabolism for a generous physical enhancement.23

Fast recovery

Muscle strain, torn muscle, painful sensation after hard-work may affect the bodybuilding schedule. However, Tren dosages can support faster recovery processes. Muscle loss after a certain physical issue may also become a serious health-concern. Tren dosages with or without Testosterone and DHT-based components may help regain  physical prominence with mass gaining.

Trenbolone Side Effects

A number of side effects are observed as a result of Trenbolone abuse. The common ones are as follows –

Oily skin and Acne

Consumption of excessive IGF-1 components such as Trenbolone may increase sebum production, which appears on the skin in a form of oil. The heavy sebum production may cause blemishes and pimples or acne. It does keep the skin moist, but irritations from acne may trouble individuals.

Anger and mood changes

Tren-rage is a serious concern for the users, as this component is known to affect nerves in the human brain to induce a certain sort of aggressiveness. Sudden feelings of anger and stress may affect general well being and mental health. Mood swings may also appear normal with prolonged dosages.

Hair loss – Baldness

Trenbolone is a prominent AAS. Even though it is not known to aromatize, it can certainly induce some sorts of problems like baldness among the users. Male pattern baldness is a common type of baldness among men, where the hairline starts to move back. It is also coined as androgenic alopecia or AGA, which may be an apparent outcome of prolonged Tren-use.

Tren cough

Even though the global medical bodies are still researching the reasons for Tren-cough, it is considered that the androgenic effect of Trenbolone steroids activates some lipid-like active compounds or Prostaglandins. These are signalled through two different pathways – COX and LOX. It has been sighted that Bradykinin peptide is a common factor for such a cough-reaction.24 25 26

Erectile dysfunction and Hypogonadism

Erectile dysfunction is common after heavy steroid cycles. Impact of anabolic steroids affects sexual health with ED and Hypogonadism. The AAS components tend to suppress the presence of free testosterone in the body. Even though non-definitive, it is widely known that long term use of the steroids may affect the body with temporary and permanent damages to the reproductive systems. The T-related symptoms may require PCT to fix the problems. Lacking libido is also a common feature for long-term Trenbolone users. AAS dependency may also affect well being in some other ways.27 28 29

Heart Attack

Myocardial infarction is known to the users of Tren aged under 50 years. Chronic Trenbolone Acetate consumption may lead to coronary artery disease. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and other congenital problems may affect the body as a result of prolonged Trenbolone use. While abused, Trenbolone may contribute to chronic chest pain, as well as ischemic chest pain for adults. Abuse of anabolic steroid may also contribute to the sudden increase of heart rate and blood pressure, which may result into cardiac arrest.30

Tren Flu

The question of Tren Flu is a concern among many Trenbolone users. Trenbolone consumption may initiate feverish reactions, but there could be some other reasons behind it as well. Even though it is an unverified factor, many users have reported Tren flu during the Tren cycles. However, it has also been reported that combining Clomid or Nolvadex with the Tren cycle minimises the risk of Tren-flu.31


A number of frequently asked questions by Trenbolone users are answered here to clear the winds regarding the use of the steroid.

1. How long does it take for trenbolone to kick in?

It mostly takes 2 weeks to find about 5 pounds of lean-muscle engagement. It also pumps up the body with significant bulks and enhanced energy levels.

2. Is Trenbolone illegal?

Trenbolone is a scheduled steroid in the USA and Canada. In the USA it is a Schedule III component, and Schedule IV in Canada. It is not approved by the FDA and illegal to buy as a dietary supplement. However, in many states in both nations it is easy to make a purchase online. It is also similarly accessible to the buyers in many other nations across the world.

3. Does trenbolone cause hair loss?

Trenbolone is an AAS that commonly causes male-pattern baldness among the users. The androgens are known to bind with hair follicles, resulting in baldness among the users.

4. What is Tren-flu?

Even though undefined, it has been reported by many users that Tren dosages increase body temperature. Some cases have reported Tren-flu and Test-flu, even though there was no prominent finding that supports the cause.

5. Does Tren raise cholesterol?

The findings have confirmed that Trenbolone has stronger effects on cholesterol levels in comparison to oral steroids. It can significantly contribute to health factors by suppressing HDL and increasing LDL levels.

6. Does trenbolone make you aggressive?

Tren-rage is a serious concern for the anabolic users. Trenbolone use for an extended period can result in aggression, irritability, as well as mood swings. Some results have also claimed that prolonged use of the steroid may cause paranoia.

7. What causes Tren to cough?

There is no proper or definitive reason behind Tren-cough. However, it is considered that Pulmonary Oil Microembolism or POME is the reason behind Tren-cough. This may affect the general activities of human lungs. It would be ideal to consult physicians if the cough persists.

8. What is the best way to stack Tren for a beginner?

Trenbolone is not a drug for beginners, but it may still be consumed by heavy users if their bodies permit it. It would be ideal to stack with 100mg/week Tren alongside testosterone. After 2 to 3 weeks, the user needs an assessment on his mental state to decide over higher dosages. The hard steroid may also affect libido as many users had complained of lower to almost non-existent libido. Combining the dosages with Clenbuterol and Clomid may help to prevent the extreme side effects for a beginner.

9. Can women use Trenbolone?

The steroid is usually not recommended for women. However, female users can use Tren for shorter cycles. Shorter cycles may help them with decent gains. At the same time, they need to check their mental and physical wellness factors, as this steroid may initiate virilization, along with voice deepening, as well as clitoral enlargement and male-pattern baldness among the female users.


Trenbolone is a strong anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is an effective one indeed, but it does bear some risks for the users. Hence, it will be ideal to consider experts' guidance while performing with Tren. Tren A, Tren E, and Tren Hex or Parabolan can be combined with Testosterone Enanthate, Cypionate esters of Testosterone, alongside Anavar and Winstrol for maintaining a balance while stacking. This is actually a male-only steroid. Women may suffer from virilization problems by using Tren.

Tren cycles are better for cutting. During the cutting period, Trenbolone can be combined with Clomid and Nolvadex. The PCT support may help users avoid the side effects of Tren. This steroid is known for nitrogen and protein retention, which may bless the body with prominently visible muscle mass. It enhances lean muscle mass and improves recovery. It is also a great contributor for metabolic boosts that increase appetite.

Users must try to keep the Tren cycles within recommended limits, as the cycles may affect mental and physical wellness while continuing for a prolonged period. A common perception of using Tren as fat-burner may not be effective other than a shorter cycle, because this steroid is a contributor to lean muscle enhancement. In that process its mechanism dilutes excess fat. Hence, it will always be ideal to follow proper instructions of wellness instructors during Trenbolone cycles to avoid adverse reactions that may affect an athletic career.


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