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When PCT is considered for a better well being after the cycle sessions, non-aromatizing components need to be included in the diet list. Anabolic steroid users likely follow a routine diet after cycles. It would not be surprising to have Arimistane PCT in that cycle to help the body restore its general activities.

Arimistane PCT helps lower estrogen as the users consider it as a powerful substance against Gynecomastia.

Arimistane PCT

Arimistane is also known as Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione in the chemical world. It is a known anti-aromatizing drug and DHEA analog. This is a very noticeable compound considered as a performance enhancer by anabolic users.

This is the component commonly available in human urine. The finding was proven in the 1970s era. Later, in 1990s period, researchers from Japan proved that Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione has potential to be an Aromatase Inhibitor.1

What is Arimistane?

Arimistane is an AI or Aromatase Inhibitor that increases testosterone levels in the body. Looking at the mechanism of the best available marketed component by Hi-Tech Pharma, it can be understood that this component does not only help the body to receive a revival for testosterone, but also increases LH. It is known as a suicide AI, as it prevents any chance of estrogen rebound.2 Arimistane is also known as Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione. The molecular formula of Arimistane is C19H24O2.

Arimistane PCT is not just used for athletic performance enhancement but also for sexual arousal, battling against the obesity issues and psychological well being of the individuals.3 Arimistane is an estrogen blocker. It helps the body control converted estrogen during the cycle.

Why Arimistane needed

Anabolic components are known to aromatize, which may affect human bodies vividly. In order to avoid severe hormonal breakdown due to imbalance, using anti-aromatizing components may be very effective. Arimistane is therefore considered as one of the prime medications for PCT.

Arimistane is also useful as anti-gynecomastia and performance enhancement material. It can help more muscle mass engagement with reduced fat storage. It also offers better recovery and boosts for libido4.

Arimistane PCT should be consumed within the cycle period of 2 to 4 weeks. It also depends on the fact how the user feels about the steroid consumption prior to consuming Arimistane. A dosage of 50 to 75 mg may lead users towards an optimal result5.

Arimistane Benefits

The benefit of Arimistane is primarily felt with its ability to restore sexual potency by leveling testosterone in the body. Even though the substance is tagged as restricted by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), it is a strong and most effective component to help anabolic users to restore hormonal balance.

Other benefits of Arimistane are as follows –

  • Blocking high estrogen and cortisol
  • Increasing testosterone levels
  • Engaging more muscle mass by increasing natural myotropic state
  • Reducing fat storage
  • Better recovery percentage
  • Improved vascularity by drying out effects
  • Libido boosting

The recent outcomes with Hi-Tech Arimistane have proven effective for anabolic users.

Where is Arimistane used?

The aromatase inhibitor significantly reduces estrogen production that commonly occurs due to testosterone conversion to estradiol. Cardiovascular problems are common for uncanny steroid use. The use of Arimistane can effectively help the body return to the basics of fitness. Hence, Arimistane is used within a few weeks in the cycle, alongside the steroid-combo to help users avoid the strong side effects that tend to shut down usual physical responses.

This component is also considered as a potential anti-cancer agent.

Why use Arimistane?

Arimistane is a prominent anti-aromatizing medication that helps keep aromatizing effects at bay. This is  useful component for the anabolic users, as injections and oral components based on testosterone or DHT tend to aromatize. The effect of aromatization is vividly observed with water retention, which eventually puffs up the body. It also changes mood and creates trouble with skin textures, as well as natural habits of people. Resting of the body is also affected due to aromatization. Arimistane is considered as PCT to help anabolic users restore their usual physical potency.

Arimistane, as an AI may help post-menopausal women to find a cure against ER-positive (estrogen receptor) breast cancer. This practice is not recommended unless a medical practitioner accordingly mentions the component in the prescription.

Arimistane and muscles

High energy restoration is assured by Arimistane consumption, as it controls the spread of estradiol all over the body. It ensures circulation and production of free testosterone in the body, which ensures a better recovery. Arimistane is known for elevating the natural myotropic state of the users. This contributes to fat reduction and increased libido.

Arimistane is known effective on the "first-pass effect", and can run into the second phase almost intact through the liver. Balanced consumption of Arimistane during PCT may help avoid any sort of adverse side effects on a steroid-ridden body.

Arimistane as a Testosterone Booster

The benefit offered by Arimistane is that it increases the level of Testosterone in the body. This is also the reason why WADA considers it as an illegal drug. Arimistane also improves the sexual responses by recovering the body from suppressed sex hormones.

Arimistane is used as a testosterone booster, because this component can bring a proper hormonal balance. There are various anabolic components that tend to promote water retention and testosterone suppression. To counter their long term effects, Arimistane can be very useful to every anabolic user.

Arimistane is known as suicide bomb to estrogen production6. It can help testosterone levels rise to pre-steroid levels. This component is called a suicide aromatase inhibitor due to its gigantic ability to stop any potency of aromatization. Once Arimistane binds to the aromatase inhibitor, it binds for life and thereby shutting down the process of converting into estrogen.

Arimistane is also known for providing support against cortisol. The stress hormone may affect the body with the lack of testosterone, which Arimistane can counter by balancing hormones. Testosterone is indeed critical for muscle growth, but suppressing SHBG would not be ideal for that. The puffed up body does not necessarily promote the existence of testosterone in the body.

Arimistane works perfectly against all sorts of testosterone-based anabolic components that induce aromatizing effects. This is not something that would make people feel lethargic, as this component can expertly curb cortisol to help the body maintain its gaining frequency without compromising the steroid programs.

Using Arimistane can also help the body against unnecessary testosterone-conversion induced bloating. Bloating may increase blood-pressure and create other problems. This beneficial effect by Arimistane makes it an important PCT component that may significantly curb the aromatization-related health risks.

The benefit of using Arimistane after testosterone programs

The main benefit that Arimistane offers is that the component prevents any rebound of estrogenic effects on the body. As mentioned before, the component is known for curbing the conversion of estradiol throughout the rest of the cycle or through PCT. Therefore, there will be no chance of a rebound.

Arimistane is also a promoter of lean mass, which sounds significant for anabolic users. The component can promote lean mass with dry gaining. The gaining promotion with Arimistane PCT would be comparatively safer.

Arimistane is a pure compound produced by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The Cyclosomal version of Arimistane increases bioavailability of the component. This technology is also used for oral anabolic components to help them survive the first pass through the liver. This makes the compound more active in order to meet its purpose faster than other aromatase inhibitors.

Arimistane is a prominent performance enhancer. Therefore, it should be taken cautiously to ensure a proper enhancement or energy boosting mechanism. The veterans with steroids do choose higher doses of Arimistane PCT to maintain their physique at the end of a strong aromatizing steroid cycle. The dosages at that time should be taken under the watchful eyes of the experts to avoid any adversities.

Dietary supplements with Arimistane

Arimistane combined with many other dietary supplements can produce a greater range of testosterone proficiency in the body. The supplements are as follows –

  • Fenugreek
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Citrulline

All these components individually and together promote testosterone balance, nitric oxide production, hormonal health, and fat burning to promote the growth of lean muscle mass7.

Arimistane for PCT

Arimistane is an AI or Aromatase Inhibitor. AI components are commonly considered crucial for PCT to counter low-testosterone issues or testosterone conversion issues. Conversion to estradiol leaves the body with low testosterone due to the lack of free-testosterone. It may also initiate gyno or gynecomastia among men, alongside several other aromatizing side effects. Arimistane can therefore be used as PCT with other dietary supplements to avoid loss of physical strength.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals manufactures an all-in-one PCT formula that includes Arimistane. This formula is known for limiting estrogen to promote healthy testosterone after finishing a cycle. The consumption of Arimistane PCT ensures a good loss of excess fat and engagement of pure muscles. In all cases, the outcome would be satisfactory. In all means it would be ideal to consider Arimistane for PCT because the program would eventually ensure health wellbeing with lesser exposure to any threatening side effects.

The legitimacy of the component may be put to question but a verified medical prescription may clear the cloud over the consumption of life-saving Arimistane PCT by Hi-Tech.8

Arimistane Dosage

Arimistane dosage can be taken as a dietary supplement. It can be consumed after Testosterone ester steroids, Anavar, Winstrol, Anadrol, Deca-Durabolin, and other anabolic cycles.

The available containers manufactured and marketed by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals contain 60 tablets. It is commonly marked as Arimistane 50mg. These capsules also provide support to prostate actions. Using these tablets as per recommendation would generally help the body restore organic liver enzymes.

The dosage for Arimistane as a PCT supplement should be 2 tablets per day. One tablet should be consumed in the morning or daytime and the other in the evening. It is advised not to take more than 2 tablets per day9.

The controlled dosage for Arimistane can reverse all the side effects due to estrogen conversion. In most cases, they are consumed with other PCT components. However, many of the anabolic users choose Arimistane PCT in an Arimistane standalone therapy-program. In that case, it will be ideal to consume Arimistane 25 to 75mgs per day10.

In some cases, veterans have considered 100 mg Arimistane per day for a 6 weeks cycle to achieve significant and pure muscle mass. It may go up to 200 mg daily but that dosage is not recommended for any beginner or rookie bodybuilder.

Arimistane Side Effects

It is generally known as an AI, which may help the body to counter any estrogenic side effects. However, the same will not be effective when Arimistane is overdosed. It may expose the body to a certain kind of side effect with recommended PCT dosage as well.

Aromatase inhibitors are known to cause hair loss among the users11. Even though it is a common symptom among the male anabolic users to experience male-pattern hair loss as a response to the anabolic programs, Arimistane PCT may also be the reason for the same. It has been observed that AI use contributed to some sort of Alopecia among the users. However, this claim is not completely verified because heavy anabolic dosages prior to PCT may also contribute to the same due to the androgenic binding tendencies of the strong anabolic steroids.

Some odd cases have indeed appeared with side effects like dizziness, increased heartbeat and nausea. Even though it is hard to say whether Arimistane or consumption of anabolic steroid components cause the side effects, it would be ideal to stop taking the dosages and seek medical advice as soon as the problems begin.


A number of questions may be asked by the users prior to considering Arimistane consumption. It is better to note that the component has some sorts of adversity depending upon its specific utilisation, even though experts commonly suggest Arimistane for anti-aromatizing PCT programs.

Does Arimistane block DHT?

Arimistane by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals effectively helps to reduce the effectiveness of DHT. That is how the aromatizing effects can be reduced. It supports lowering estrogenic effects.

What is Arimistane good for?

Anti-aromatizing effects would be more actively enjoyed with Arimistane. This component is a prominent PCT component, which may support the process of minimising adverse effects of testosterone or DHT based anabolic components. It is an effective estrogen blocker that equally serves anabolic users or bodybuilders and breast cancer patients.

Is Arimistane legal?

WADA has declared Arimistane illegal, but it can be legally purchased online. However, other Aromatase Inhibitors or estrogen blockers are not illegal for public use.

Can you stack Arimistane?

Arimistane can effectively curb estrogenic effects on the anabolic users. It can also cut excess flab or puffiness of the body due to water retention. It may effectively help gain dry muscles. Stacking Arimistane for the cutting cycle may be possible with Testosterone and DHT based anabolic components. The effects of those steroids can be perfectly enjoyed with Arimistane, as the AI is able to curb any sort of estrogenic effects permanently.

What's the best PCT for prohormones?

Any AI can be considered effective during PCT alongside Nolvadex, Clomid, and other PCT components  such as HCG hormones. Arimistane PCT would be much more supportive for a PCT diet to curb side effects of prohormones and keep them beneficially active during the cycle. Arimistane is also the best therapeutic component to reverse gyno or gynecomastia among men.

Summary and conclusion

Arimistane is an estrogen blocker. This component can completely block estrogen and help anabolic users enjoy the raw benefits of testosterone and DHT-based anabolic compounds. There is no anabolic steroid that may affect the body with estrogenic issues if Arimistane PCT is consumed. Water retention would not be a trouble if Arimistane is consumed during the steroid cycles.

It may run for 6 to 8 weeks, which will generally curb the chances of estradiol conversion of testosterone or dihydro testosterone. However, low estrogen issues may only affect women. Therefore, it will not be ideal for women to consume this component.

Even though this component is banned by WADA, there is no such evidence that proves any strong or severe side effects by Arimistane. These pills are available in a container and should be consumed as per professional recommendations.

A vial of Arimistane consists of about 60 pills of 50 to 75mg. The general dosage for these anti-estrogen pills is 1 to 2 pills per day. The dosage regulation for veteran and intermediate users is 100 to 200mg per day. However, this dosage variation may be different based on the individual's age, weight, and steroid consumption or cycle length. This component stabilises testosterone in the body and ensures hormonal balance12.

Arimistane for PCT can offer the best result in comparison to other AI compounds. The component has typically a recommendation for continuing dosages for 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the hormonal levels. However, at times, the ability to consume varies with different results. This difference is the prime cause of WADA to impose a ban on Arimistane, even though there is no specific report of side effects on consumption of Arimistane.

Arimistane can promote dry muscles, as they are required and expected during cutting cycles. But there are not many reports of any foul play through the consumption of Arimistane. This may give the users support for their decisions of continuing with Arimistane PCT, which technically bears no significant risk. In short, this component can offer a safer physical approach with added ability for extensive lifts, which might have been affected by uncanny estrogen conversion. Along with it, the ability to trim down a heavy body due to water retention may also return to a proper shape with the help of the effective dosages of Arimistane.



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