The Anavar Cycle - A Guide to Steroid Cycles with Oxandrolone

Anavar Cycle (Oxandrolone) - Introduction


Explaining Anavar would require explaining Oxandrolone, a prime anabolic-androgenic component included in the diet to help the human body gain weight. The human body might suffer from underweight issues due to a number of reasons. Anavar or Oxandrolone may help regain the weight and gradually recuperate. As Anavar tablets are available in 2.5 mg, five mgs, and ten mgs forms, it can be taken up to 2 tablets per day to receive an expected result. Male consumers can take 15 to 25 mg daily. Anavar has a shorter, 9 to 10 hours half-life period.

What is Anavar

Anavar is an oral AAS available as oral pills on the market. This pill is one of the oldest anabolic steroids available to be used during cutting cycles. It has the ability to slow down muscle catabolism, which prevents muscles from breaking down. This mechanism allows the human body to restore muscles against muscle-wasting diseases and gain weight.

When it came to the market and became popular

Anavar or Oxandrolone is a manufactured drug designed similarly to the testosterone hormone. This drug can help promote muscle growth and tissue repair in the body. It was first synthesised in 1962 to assist post-surgical treatments among patients 1. Chronic infections, issues like Anemia, muscle atrophy after trauma, injury, or operation. Also, it can boost the process of bulking among amateur and professional bodybuilders.

Why use Anavar


In consideration of its use as a medication, Anavar is one of the most prominent FDA-approved components to treat bone pain and joint pain due to arthritis complications. Pain sensations associated with osteoporosis can be treated with this anabolic steroid. It is also an effective component against the vivid catabolic effect of any prolonged corticosteroid therapy. Anavar or Oxandrolone is also a great component to treat or boost recovery from severe burns, HIV/AIDS-related muscle wasting, as well as Turner syndrome among girls 2.However, rather than the limited or prescribed medical use, Anavar has a different fan base among the prominent physique aficionados. The use of the anabolic steroid can play the role of Testosterone in the body by bringing a surge for that hormone. It would eventually aggravate muscle recovery alongside advanced nitrogen retention.

Why the Anavar cycle is a great choice

There are a number of reasons that can be considered prime aspects for choosing the Anavar cycle. The use of the component would be ideal for both male and female bodybuilding competitors. Rather than depending on the harsh anabolic components, it would be generally effective to trust fast-acting Anavar.

Reasons of popularity


  1. As an oral pill, it is easier to consume Anavar
  2. Both male and female users can try it
  3. Lesser exposure to side effects.
  4. It is a good and safer steroid for beginners.
  5. People know exactly why they are using Anavar or Oxandrolone.


Even though this component is mildly hepatotoxic, it may still be used safely to meet bodybuilding or health management purposes.

To meet the cutting period programs, a number of beneficial factors for Anavar contribute largely to the overwhelming choice of the Anavar cycle. Before learning about the cycle, it would be better to note that –

  1. 50 mgs in a day for a perfect cutting cycle for beginners.
  2. Advanced users can use Anavar as 100 mgs per day during the cutting sessions.
  3. A total of 10mgs daily would be enough for both the beginner and advanced female users to avoid virilization effects.


Intermediate male users can exceed up to 80 to 100 mgs for the time being or during a specific anabolic session. It may help users to stay lean yet muscular. But exceeding the upper dosage limit beyond 100 mgs would be useless and risk-exposing.

The cycle for beginners would be 15 mg per day for the first week. Until the 3rd week, it will be the same. From the 4th week onwards, it will be 20 mgs per day until the 6th week. This is the cycle for male beginners with an Anavar-only diet.

For women, it will be 5 mgs per day for the 1st week, which can be exceeded to 10 mgs per day up to the 5th week. To avoid masculinizing effects, it will be generous for all female users to maintain the basic cycle 3.

Testosterone combination


It is a fact that Testosterone is the best steroid to consume, as it generally does not affect the heart or other intricate organs in the process. Hence, testosterone suspension and Anavar or Oxandrolone can be paired. The testosterone-based components Anavar can be paired with are as follows –

  • Test suspension
  • Test cypionate
  • Test propionate
  • Test enanthate
  • Test acetate
  • Sustanon 250 

The beginner's cycle with Testosterone

The beginners' cycle with Testosterone will enhance muscle prowess with strength gain. An Anavar-only cycle with Testosterone for beginners would be ideal with 200 mg testosterone with 15 mg Anavar dosage per day for the first two weeks. To get a better response, the third week would see an increase in the testosterone consumption to 300 mg per day, while Anavar dosage would stick to 15 mg per day for the third week. From the 4th week onwards, while testosterone consumption would remain the same for the entire week (300 mg/day), Anavar consumption would increase to 20 mg/day. It would remain the same throughout the 5th week, but from the 6th week, the user can increase testosterone consumption to 350 mg per day with a 20 mg/day Anavar cycle. This combination should be continued for the remaining period of the cycle.

Intermediate Anavar cycle with Testosterone

The intermediate cycle would certainly be a bit heavier, where 20 mg/day of Anavar dosage would perfectly suit 200 to 500 mg of Testosterone per day. In the first week, intermediate users will see a combination of 200 mg testosterone and 20 mg Anavar. It can be altered or increased to 300 mgs to maintain with a static Anavar dose of 15 mg per day up to the 3rd week. From the 4th week on wards up to the 6th week, Anavar dosage can be increased to 20 mg, while on the 6th week, testosterone dosages can be increased to 350 mg. The following week will observe only testosterone dosages, as the Anavar cycle ends after the 6th week 4.

Why avoid high dosages beyond recommendations?

The concerns regarding hepatic effects are related to the higher doses of steroids. Therefore, rather than creating a dependency, following a basic cycle would be ideal for beginners and intermediate anabolic steroid users.

Oral Test cycle with Anavar

Oral Testosterone or Testosterone Undecanoate can be paired with Anavar. The oral cycle may therefore be a combination of Andriol (the marketed name for oral Tests) and Anavar. However, this may appear costly for the users. Oral Test is always a bit costlier than their injectable substitute. But it may support the efforts of those who are looking for maximum gains with little risk.

A combination with Andriol or Oral Test will bear a hepatic side effect, as Andriol does not bear any hepatic strain. The combination would therefore go on as 240 mg/day of Andriol for the first four weeks with 20 mg/day Anavar and 280 mg/day from the 5th to 8th week with the same 20 mg/day Anavar cycle until the end.

It is suggested that the oral combination should be taken with a high-fat meal or snacks, at least 19 grams of fat with each dose would be enough to comply with the potential of the steroid. Research shows that the bioavailability of oral Testosterone is only 50% when consumed on an empty stomach 5.

However, to avoid complex cycle mechanisms, a recommended chart for Anavar only cycle with Testosterone would be generous for a healthy follow-up.

The ultimate cutting cycle

Anavar with the Winstrol cycle can be considered as the ultimate cutting cycle to lose fat rapidly and gain significant muscles. The reason is that both steroids can offer a dry, ripped look. Both of them are oral components to perfectly strip the body of fat. However, it may not be perfect for beginners due to higher toxicity exposures.

The addition of Winstrol with Anavar may affect beginners with testosterone suppression, liver strain, and cardiovascular strain. Considering the harshness, the cycle runs for six weeks in general, while advanced users extend it up to 8 weeks.

The Anavar-Winstrol cycle works in a following way –

  • 1st week = 20 mg/day Winstrol with 15 mg/day Anavar
  • 2nd week = 20 mg/day Winstrol with 15 mg/day Anavar
  • 3rd week = 25 mg/day Winstrol with 15 mg/day Anavar
  • 4th week to 6th week = 25 mg/day Winstrol with 20 mg/day Anavar

Even though Winstrol's combination with Anavar is not recommended for women due to its chance to induce masculinization among them, advanced users may still consider a balanced cycle for a perfectly ripped output.

If women users consider Winstrol or Stanozolol with Anavar, the cycle should be balanced like the following recommendation –

  • 1st week = 5 mg/day Winstrol or Stanozolol with 5 mg/day Anavar
  • 2nd to 6th week = 5 mg/day Winstrol or Stanozolol with 10 mg/day Anavar

This cycle for women is only recommended to those who have previous experiences with multiple steroid combinations, including Anavar-only cycles.

Anavar and Clenbuterol cycle


Anavar can be paired with Clenbuterol as well. Clen is a Beta2-antagonist that may help asthma patients at times. This can be a powerful and effective addition to the cutting cycles.

Clenbuterol has strong effects on the enhancement of metabolism, producing more adrenalin, and profoundly influences the central nervous system. It had long been considered a potent anabolic for animals until a human-health-supportive substitute was manufactured to engineer the same stimulating effects among humans. 

Anavar and Clenbuterol are both available in tablet form.

  • Cycle for men and women

The Clenbuterol cycle with Anavar would see a gradual increase of the dosage from day to day, while Anavar intake should remain static. A combined cycle would run for four weeks, while the Anavar-only cycle needs to complete the eight weeks period.

On the other hand, women should better run the cycle for four weeks combined with Clenbuterol. While men can maintain 20 mg/day of Anavar with increasing Clen dosages, women may increase Anavar dosages after the first week. Until the first week, the dosage would be 5mg/day. But from the 7th day on wards until the end of the cycle (28/30 days), the dosage must stay static for women at 10 mg/day with balanced Clenbuterol consumption.

How Anavar works inside the body

Anavar is a great choice to lessen the flab and enhance lean muscles by protein retention. It also contributes to nitrogen retention, which especially supports muscle growth and ripped appearance. As this steroid has a comparatively shorter half-life period (9.5 to 10.5 hours), it should be consumed 30 to 45 minutes before workout sessions 6.

Anavar is basically a "synthetic version of the male hormone" Testosterone. Hence, it is able to mimic Testosterone. Therefore, it does not bloat the body or burden the body with too much weight.

Using Anavar can enhance endurance levels. It also increases oxygen transportation in the body. This will help a bodybuilder to train harder and more effectively. Unlike many other steroid components, it does not affect the body and mind with unnecessary jittery and anxiety. By mimicking the testosterone hormone, Anavar potently boosts energy among the users 7.

The positive effect of Anavar is mostly due to the structure of the component. It is a prominent DHT or dihydrotestosterone, which is incapable of aromatization or converting into estrogen. An extra atom that replaces carbon2 in the A-ring contributes through its anabolic activity by counterbalancing metabolic breakdown systems.

The positive effects of using Anavar

As a prominent anabolic component, Anavar contributes to improving metabolism and muscle buildup without affecting the body. It is a prominent cutting steroid with a number of significant health benefits.

The primary benefits of Anavar include fat burning, strength buildup, muscle growth, and enhanced endurance. However, many experts oppose the use of Anavar for fat-burning purposes, as this potential steroid component has somemetabolic side effects, which may alternatively affect individuals with chronic issues.

To consider the best effects of Anavar in regard to getting a prominent result through its use, the following benefits can be checked out.

  • Endurance – It ensures how long one can stay in the gym without being tired. Heavier workout schedules ensure more muscles, which may sound perfect for a fitness freak.
  • Strength training – The use of Anavar would ensure more power during the strength training programs. It would be easier there to lift heavier weights to build muscles faster.
  • Post-workout recovery – With Anavar, it is always easier for the athletes to recover faster after workout regimes. The next workout session would not be delayed with Anavar, which eventually helps the body to push harder.
  • Muscle growth – Anavar helps users to build more muscles at a faster rate. As per the experts, 10mg of Anavar would help 10-times faster muscle growth than average. Hence it is used by professionals prior to any competition.
  • Increased testosterone levels – Anavar mimics Testosterone, which eventually leads to a stable testosterone level increase. This is the reason why athletes prefer Anavar cycles.
  • Vascularity enhancement – The visually appealing results after Anavar consumption is one of the prime reasons to follow Anavar cycles. Enhanced vascularity in the muscles helps athletes to get a prominent outlook. 8

The potential side effects of abusing Anavar

Anavar is a beneficial drug indeed, as well as female-friendly, but it has mild side effects. In this context, it would be better to mention that Anavar has a very high anabolic rating – 322-630.

This is one of the best steroids on the market, but the side effects may trouble the users through steroid abuse issues. This steroid is good for medical support as well.

Anavar is a C17-Alpha-Alkylated oral steroidal component and not hepatotoxic. As per research, Oxandrolone causes 72% less BSP than another C17-Alpha-Alkylated steroid Fluoxymesterone 9.

A mild increase of liver enzymes may be observed due to Anavar consumption, but compared to Dianabol and Anadrol, it would just be mild. The enzymes will again start acting normally as soon as the user discontinues Oxandrolone.

High doses of Anavar may affect the liver of the users who have a hepatic medical history. High doses of Anavar may also affect users if administered for an excessively long period.

Gynecomastia may also affect users, but that is mostly possible for adolescent boys. However, the findings may be contradictory to some results conducted on adults. Moderate doses of Anavar can be applied to children continuously from six months to 8 years of age.

Side effects for women


Anavar's mild androgenic rating may produce virilization side effects in women. The virilization side effects in women include –

Deepening the voice
Body-hair growth
Clitoral enlargement 
Pronounced jaw
Smaller and stiffened breast
Irregular menstruation

High doses of Anavar, as much as 0.125 mg per Kg continuously for a year, may induce the virilization effect.10

Potential effects of abusing Anavar


Anavar has been tested and branded by researchers as a safer drug, even for a longer term. In terms of bodybuilding, it is indeed a mild steroid. Using Anavar clinically with low or moderate doses would be beneficial also, as the drug does not share any significant risk-exposure concerns for the users.

This is a steroid and not any recreational drug. Hence, when used as a recreational component, the side effects of Anavar may be observed due to drug abuse. The possible results of Anavar abuse by regular steroid users are as follows –

  • High LDL cholesterol – The concerns for high LDL cholesterol are prominent for patients with HIV as well. HIV patients may consume 20 mg of Anavar for 12 weeks, which will suppress their HDL cholesterol levels by 30%. 11

 Men who consider 80 mg of Anavar every day as a part of their steroid diet may experience a 50% decline in HDL levels. Therefore, it would be ideal to avoid the high doses of Anavar without recommendation. However, discontinuing the steroid will normalise the cholesterol level.


  • Suppressed Testosterone – Anavar is known for increasing testosterone levels in the body. However, by suppressing the free Testosterone in the body, a steep reduction in testosterone production may be visible. Testicular atrophy may also be visible, which can only be altered by the timely use of post-cycle therapy. 12
  • Kidney issues (the drug has its metabolism in the kidneys) – A certain chance of Anavar abuse may affect kidneys through the stimulation of RAA or Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone system. 13
  • Hair loss (Male-pattern baldness) – As a DHT steroid, it is common for Anavar to adversely affect a few individuals who may suffer from male-pattern baldness. It would be ideal to consider a timely scalp treatment to prevent hair loss. It would also be ideal for blocking DHT from a follicular level, as the androgen Dihydrotestosterone binds to the scalp-hair follicles. Finasteride, an FDA-approved medication, may be effective in blocking DHT levels in the body to prevent baldness.14

Apart from these side effects, swelling of arms, abnormal menstrual periods, enlarged penis, and inability to control urination, as well as pain or swelling of testes, may appear as prominent side effects of Anavar abuse.

The proper dosage instructions for Anavar

The dosage level for Anavar depends on the gender and the goals of the user. This is a steroid that both male and female athletes, as well as patients, can consume. This steroid indeed helps regain some lost weight and cut the excess flab through its fat-burning mechanism, but bodybuilders and patients need to maintain different cycles for Anavar.

A male beginner may consume a maximum amount of 50 mg of Anavar during cutting periods, while only a 10 mg per day dosage would be perfect for females. A safer cycle length for Anavar would be eight weeks for men, while a four weeks cycle would be ideal for female users.

Anavar is usually taken two to three times a day. Patients may follow the instructions of physicians to avoid overdose. If a dose is missed by any chance, it should be taken immediately unless the time for the next dose falls soon after. It is better to remember that overdosing may contribute to liver toxicity at some levels.15

Can Anavar be stacked for better results?


Anavar is a mild steroid. It can certainly be stacked for a better result. Anavar is a DHT and can be stacked with Testosterone-based steroids and other DHT substances.

  • Testosterone and Anavar stack would indeed be a health-supportive combination. Synthetic Testosterone is an FDA-approved steroid that can boost muscle hypertrophy and strength. However, for Testosterone and Anavar stacking, the users need to mix up oral and injectable. The Testosterone supplement is generally found in the form of injection, and Anavar is oral.
  • Anavar stacking with Winstrol for eight weeks can indeed be effective for muscle buildup. For Winstrol-Anavar stacking, it would be 60 mgs of Anavar with 50 mg of Winstrol.
  • Anavar and Deca Durabolin cycles are also effective for a proper muscle-building schedule. Anavar-Deca can perfectly support bulking for the mid-level strength gain approaches.
  • Anavar and Anadrol stack would not be something usual that steroid users do. However, during the stack, it will be ideal to consider Anavar 60mg with Anadrol 100 mg. Anavar 30 to 40 mg should be consumed in the beginning, with Anadrol 50 mg to start the day.
  • Anavar and Masteron cycle will be the best to consider for stacking, as both the steroids are cutting steroids. Both the steroids are DHT-derived androgens, and none of them aromatizes. To ensure a bit better effect of the stack, adding Testosterone as 150 mg/week (or more) would be ideal.16

Is Anavar a legal supplement?


From the point of view of the FDA, Anavar is a scheduled drug. It requires a prescription for medical use. Bodybuilders or athletes may use the drug as per their requirements, and they do not need a prescription or medical advice to do so. However, Anavar abuse is indeed a concern.

Anavar, also branded as Stanozolol, is a synthetic TRT drug. Many nations consider this a legal component for medical and individual use. However, the United States of America considers it illegal to possess under the Anabolic Steroid Control Act 1990. Also, various sports authorities consider Anavar illegal.

It should be noted that Anavar lessens water retention processes, which is common for some other C17-AA steroids. Managing body fat percentage is also possible with measured dosages of Anavar pills. A steroid user can experience astounding results with Anavar, as this steroid is known to support the body with enhanced vascularity. But one needs to know that dependency on the steroid or maintaining higher doses for Anavar administration may not support the body effectively. It can offer a ripped physique only when combined with selected anabolic steroids. It generally enhances the lean mass, which makes it a favoured one among amateurs.

Legal Anavar purchase

The best option to find legal Anavar is an authentic or legal seller offline or online or a pharmacy that excels with the knowledge of anabolic steroids. Licensed pharmacies, which carry legal products, can help buyers find legal Anavar. Although with a doctor's prescription, it may be available at any legitimate drug store across the USA.

Legal steroid Anavar

Prohormones are considered risky for public health if used as a no-control or low-control substance. Anavar is a DHT-based drug, which may lead to serious risk exposure for the users over uncontrolled use. However, this drug is considered a therapeutic drug . Also, unlike many other AAS, it does not aromatize due to its unique chemical bonding. Therefore, possession of Anavar with or without prescription may not lead to any violation of the law. If the drug is not abused or the user does not have a history of drug abuse, purchasing this drug to meet required purposes may not be a legal concern in the USA.17 

Product reviews for Anavar – Real results


Real users have shared their personal experiences after using Anavar. Some of them had an Anavar-only cycle, while some others stacked Anavar with other anabolic steroids.

Serene Sarandon (June 25, 2022) – I took Anavar and was stunned by the result in just seven days. This has been the best thing that has ever happened to me so far.

Jones Joshua (April 11, 2022) – Anavar has changed my life. I needed a proper preparation time, and this steroid has offered me one. I stacked it with Testosterone, and it was smooth and easy.

James Johnson (June 20, 2021) – It was indeed an easy ride with Anavar stacked with Clenbuterol. The cutting session could never be as perfect as this.

Thomas Muller (May 22, 2022) – Tried the D-bol Test cycle prior to the Anavar cycle. Realised that the Anavar cycle helped with lesser water retention. It was a great boost to enjoy at the beginning of the cycle.

Ash Berty (September 1, 2021) – Love Anavar. Tried with 10mg per day for four weeks. The best things I noticed were a distinct hardness and loss of extra fat and followed by no side effects. I love this Zero-side effect pill the most.

FAQ about Anavar 18

A number of questions regarding Anavar may commonly shadow the minds, but all of them have answers. Here are some of the answers that may help everyone understand how effectively Anavar can help the body.

Does Anavar work?

It indeed does. It is a cutting steroid, and when consumed with a meal, it works perfectly.

How much weight gain is possible with Anavar consumption?

It is better to remember that Anavar is a cutting steroid. Hence, it shades the excess flab from the body. The change can be understood within a few weeks. It is better to note that male users can run a cycle of 8 weeks, while female users should not exceed the cycle over four weeks.

Who requires Anavar?

Anavar is a Schedule III drug, but it can also benefit patients. Therefore, patients with growth problems, weight gaining issues, and post-surgical recuperation issues can consume the steroid. It is also vividly consumed by professional and amateur bodybuilders and athletes.

What sort of side effects may affect the body?

Anavar is a steroid that can effectively boost the body. But this steroid is not a recreational drug. Therefore, it will be ideal to follow either a doctor's prescription or an expert's advice to avoid side effects like gynecomastia, liver issues, sleeping problems, nausea, headache, and many other steroid-induced complications.

Does Anavar stack help?

It depends on the component chosen to be paired with Anavar. Anavar can be perfectly paired with Testosterone and DHT substances. It does not aromatize. Therefore, another steroid that does not aromatize can be paired with Anavar for stacking.


What is the recommended way to consume Anavar?

A proper dose will be 20 to 30mg/day. For a proper bodybuilding regime, 40 to 50mg of Anavar would be perfect.


Is Anavar legal in the USA?

Anavar is a Schedule III drug, but with a legitimate prescription, it would be easier to get the steroid from any registered or authentic anabolic selling platform or drug store. In the USA, this steroid is not ruled out but is not widely accepted with the concerns of steroid abuse. Therefore, a legal source would be necessary for buying Anavar in the USA.

Is Anavar safe for minors?

Minors or adolescent kids do get the dosage to meet specific medical purposes, but the doctor needs to decide the dosage. The minors should follow the dosages accordingly, as the general recommended dosages for Anavar are certainly not meant for minors.

Summary and Conclusion

To conclude the facts regarding Anavar, it should be said that the component is a safer, more secure steroid than the frequently available ones. The steroid is easy to use, and by stopping the consumption, one may find a soothing solution for side effect-related issues. It is easy to stack with Testosterone and DHT substances. Moreover, this is a female-friendly steroid. 

Another part is Anavar PCT, which may help heavy or advanced bodybuilders to regain their usual physical potential. This accounts for the fact that having Anavar engage muscle mass may not always be considered similarly to average Schedule III drugs.

However, in the end, it should be remembered that Anavar is a steroid. It is no recreational drug. Hence, while consuming the steroid at a higher margin, it may affect the body severely. The users need to avoid such instances. Also, the excess dosage of Anavar (beyond recommended levels) does not offer any extra benefit. Hence, it would be ideal for maintaining recommended dosage regulations during medical utilisation and strength-building. 




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